Month: December 2014

Wine and Dieting: Light, Low-Calorie Drinks to Maintain Health

This time of year is our busiest, with people in search of the best wines and champagnes for their party needs as new year’s day and eve approaches. One of the most desired and asked for wines are our low calorie and light wine options as people are adamant not to gain weight during the holiday season. Here is a list of our favorite wines and holiday drinks to avoid packing on the pounds during the holiday season.

White Zinfandel has only 100 calories per cup of wine and it is perfect for the holiday season.

We also love red sangria. From Spain, dark sangria is famous for being paired with healthy fruits such as oranges, apple slices, pears and berries. What could be healthier than consuming your fruit-a-day with a glass of red wine that can help regulate blood levels.

Red wine is also low in calories and studies show can have many health benefits providing you don’t over do it.

We recommend not to have more than three glasses of wine per night even at a social gathering or event and if you are consuming wine on a day to day basis, to stick to one glass per night with dinner.

This can help improve and maintain good health and also ensures you won’t over do it. Consistency is key with all alcoholic drinks to avoid gaining weight as it is well known that alcohol can turn to sugar.

Another thing to note are the types of foods and snacks you eat alongside your wine choices.  If you opt for something like red meats and fried potatoes, you are undoubtedly going to gain weight. However, we believe you actually enjoy the taste of the wine more when it is paired with something like fish and lemon or a ring of shrimp.

You may also opt for a light cream cheese spread or fat-free cheese squares and flaky whole wheat crackers or green grapes. This way, the focus is still on the flavor of the wine and the food and snacking choices will not be overbearing.

One of our resident wine experts has chosen to lose weight this holiday season and she has begun taking a new type of diet pill called skinny fiber that is a natural health fibre supplement. You can find skinny fiber at this skinny fitness health website and testimonials show weight loss success of many of its users. Mary has lost 10 pounds so far using this supplement and she has had no ill side effects. She now feels more than welcome to indulge in a glass or two of wine at dinner and has actually noticed that the wine leaves her more satisfied and less likely to reach for a second plate at dinner.

Whether you opt for a red or white wine, a glass of crisp champagne or a bottle of rosee, we encourage you to remember your body is your health and what you consume will determine what you look like. Happy new year to each and every one of you!

– Healthy Living Team


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