Month: September 2016

Burning off all the Calories from Wine with the Extreme Cardio Program!

When you begin a new workout program or diet plan, the beginning stages are the most difficult of following the program. You begin to learn about your limits, how long you can work out for before you get tired, and at what level of intensity that you can complete the exercises and still burn plenty of calories but not have your heart at its absolute maximum the entire time.

But after a while, once you get accustomed to the workouts, eventually they become easier. And when they become easier, it is often easy to continue doing the same workout and the same routine rather than pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and trying to do a more complicated routine in order to get better results. Beach body is famous for producing incredible and high quality workout programs that you can do from home. Autumn is one of the most popular beach body personal trainers and last year she developed a program that has been wildly popular and successful called the 21 day fix. This weight loss program is excellent for beginners and advanced exercisers who are looking to lose weight and burn calories but don’t have a lot of time to commit to a full hour-long workout each day. However, once you begin to do these workouts and do the same ones day in and day out for a series of months, you will learn that you can complete them without even expending much effort. That is why autumn developed a follow-up and sequel program called the 21 day fix extreme. One reviewer this program said that the workouts are literally about twice as difficult as the original workouts. After completing a few of these exercises, you will find them to be much more difficult and challenging than the previous versions. It is easy to want to give up and stick to what you know you can do and is easy for you to do. But if you want to really push yourself to get excellent results, you need to take the plunge and push yourself to do something that may be difficult at first.  You can’t expect to burn off all the excess calories from wine consumption without doing cardio!

The 21 day fix extreme program is excellent for those who only have 30 minutes to commit to doing an exercise program each day, but also need to burn a lot of calories and build a lot of muscle. The workouts will take you through a series of exercises that will both help you burn fat and calories, but also help you build muscle and tone your body from head to toe. One review of this extreme program said that it had helped her lose 30 pounds in only four months. If you commit to the program and also follow the diet plan that is included following portion control strategies and colored containers, you will have all the components necessary to lose weight and get in the greatest shape of your life.