Three Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

As if you needed a reason to drink wine! But if nothing is going to make you enjoy the crisp fresh taste of red wine more, it will be after reading this article on amazing health benefits of drinking wine. I have always been convinced that red wine or white wine art so bad for your health. The Europeans have diets full of olive oil, cheese, fresh breads, and vineyard freshly picked grape and cherry wines.


And everyone knows that Europeans are healthy and in excellent shape and live long lives. Perhaps the secret all along is that they enjoy wine on a regular basis and do not feel guilty for it. Study show that wine actually helps many of the body’s functions including memory retention, fatigue, and regulating the circulatory system.

Here is a list of three amazing health benefits that will comfort you and your knowledge that drinking wine on a daily basis is in fact a good for you.

1) Drink Wine, Slim Down, Trim Waist

Recent studies have shown that people who drink wine on a daily basis have a lower BMI than people who only seldomly drink wine. People who drink wine on a daily basis have slimmer waists and less body fat than people who drink large amounts of hard liquor. Researchers believe that drinking a daily glass of beer or wine allows your body to burn more calories and boost your metabolism for up to 90 minutes after you drink a glass. So drink up, my friend!

2) Memory Retention

Can you believe that wine actually can help improve your memory? Researchers gave a test to women who drink wine on a daily basis and to women who do not drink any type of alcohol on a regular basis. The tests were memory-based and the results concluded that women who drink wine on a daily basis remember things and retain more information than those who do not drink.

3) Protect and Defend the Body

One case study concluded that people who drink around one glass of wine a day have less of a chance of getting food poisoning and also have a reduced risk of getting an infection that can cause ulcers and certain cancers of the stomach.

So, the next time you are about to feel guilty for pouring yourself a glass of wine at dinner, just remember that it is actually GOOD for you. And enjoy that glass without guilt!  Remember, a glass of wine does not equal a bottle of wine. Haha!  Cheers!

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