Trendy Urban Mediterranean Diets and Wine

Over the holidays, I went on a wine tour throughout beautiful Spain and I have to tell you, I tasted some of the most delicious wines there.  Fresh grapes and olives on the trees throughout the vineyards. It was not only beautiful but fascinating.  The people seemed to eat the most delicious food on Earth and yet all of them were so slim and had beautiful skin.  I learned something from the Spanish. They can eat and drink the richest most delicious foods without gaining weight.  I had a chance to talk to one woman named Maria and her husband Oscar. They gave me some tips on how they keep in shape.


Maria: “I eat a diet rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables and of course I

constantly drink wine from my own vineyard!”

Maria insisted that she has always had a goal to get fit before summer and says you must eat according to your goals.  She said you can’t drink hard liquor and eat processed food if you want a natural body. Eat naturally and you will have the beautiful lean muscular body that God intended you to have.

Oscar laughed and said that Maria makes it sound like it is all just so easy.  For him, it didn’t matter how many olives he hate or how many broccoli heads he consumed instead of juicy mashed potatoes, he had a harder path to weight loss.  Both of them own a beautiful vineyard together and while Maria has always been slim, Oscar needed a push. He said he had to order some vitamin supplements from the United States in order to help him lose fat he had stored over the years after quitting playing football due to a knee surgery and a car accident. He gained a lot of weight due to inactivity and his children were the ones who spent the afternoons working and exercising on the farm.

He had to carefully restrict his diet but he found he was hungry all the time.  Finally, after he ordered the fiber capsules from the US, he noticed significant changes in his body.  Skinny Fiber is the name of the supplement and he said that the best skinny fiber reviews showed people with an incredible amount of weight loss after taking the pills each day. He could even have a glass of wine with dinner and that helped him stay on track because he didn’t feel so tempted afterwards.  He still enjoys his leg of ham (a Spanish tradition) and his favorite Spanish potato egg omelet on occasion but he knows that his health is the most important thing.

These two wonderful people taught me a lot about life, health and living. They both eat well, drink well and lead wonderful enriching lives. If only the rest of us could be so lucky!


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